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Your conveyance will be handled by Louise Nelson, a solicitor with 39 years experience of helping people buy and sell property in Liverpool.

Louise heads a friendly team of experienced conveyancers. Jenny Thomas, Louise Drewry and Lucy Baines have detailed knowledge of the files they work on, meaning when you call you will get prompt answers and updates.

Customer service is very important to us. John Bartlett has been managing the firm for over 40 years and takes customer satisfaction very seriously.

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Bartletts' Liverpool City Centre based conveyancing solicitors can provide you with a no obligation immediate quotation based on our transparent fixed fee structure. There are no hidden fees involved at any stage.

Our job is to make the buying and selling of property go smoothly. Our solicitors are expert at buying or selling property in Liverpool at competitive fixed fee rates. Louise Nelson is a director of Bartletts Solicitors, and has been handling the sales and purchases of residential property in Liverpool and across Merseyside for 39 years. She will be happy to offer you a free telephone consultation. Appointments can also be made with Louise at our offices in Liverpool City Centre.

Our comprehensive conveyancing service offers you the speed, flexibility and quality assurance you need to ensure your next move is a positive one. You are guaranteed a warm welcome from our friendly, professional team. We offer a free no obligation fixed fee quotation.
Choosing a conveyancing solicitor who knows your local area is important, as they will have previously carried out the required legal searches in the area, and will have knowledge of any upcoming local developments that the buyer or seller may not be aware of. Experience is also an important factor, as not all solicitors deal with conveyancing matters, and it is essential that the paperwork involved is completed correctly and submitted to the relevant parties on time if delays or more serious problems in the property transaction process are to be avoided.
Conveyancing is the process of legally transferring a property from the seller to the buyer. The job of a conveyancing solicitor is to make this process as fast, smooth, and straightforward as possible, at what is usually a stressful time for both the buyer and seller. A significant amount of paperwork is involved, much of it drafted in antiquated legal jargon, that needs to be properly understood, and handled accurately and in a timely manner. Both property sellers and buyers, therefore, normally require legal assistance and guidance to drive the conveyancing process efficiently towards the successful completion of a sale or purchase. Finally, knowledge of the local area is essential.
Bartletts Solicitors is accredited by the Law Society for Conveyancing Quality. The Law Society's Conveyancing Quality Scheme (CQS) provides a recognised quality standard for residential conveyancing practices. Our firm offers a transparent fixed fee structure for buying or selling a property in Liverpool and Merseyside at competitive rates, and with no hidden costs. Louise and her team will be happy to offer you a free no obligation quotation over the telephone, via e-mail, or at Marldon Chambers.
When it comes to buying a property with the intention of letting it out, legal advice from solicitors with knowledge of the local area and experience of similar property transactions can be critically important in safeguarding the prospective landlord’s interests. A landlord may face service charges on the property which are their own rather than the tenant’s responsibility. Alternatively, there may be restrictions on the use of property (known as restrictive covenants), which are essentially an obligation not to do something with the property, including letting it out. Otherwise there may be charges due to the freeholder for permission to do so.

A conveyancing solicitor will also be able to advise landlords on Stamp Duty Land Tax (SDLT) issues related to their intended purchase. Since April 2016, individuals, companies and trusts are obliged to pay a higher rate (currently 3% extra) on the purchase of additional residential properties. However, there are certain exemptions and methods of reducing a landlord’s exposure to SDLT which an experienced solicitor will be able to advise on. For further information on this topic please see our dedicated page: Residential Stamp Duty Rules On Second Homes.

A prospective landlord will also need to decide on whether they are going to purchase a property as an individual, or through a company or trust, which can have important consequences for the landlord’s annual tax liability. For example, the total cost of SDLT may be different, as may the tax due on rental income, due to lower corporation and dividend tax rates relative to income and capital gains tax. Landlords looking to sell a residential property also need to be aware of the capital gains tax implications. Whether a property is being bought or sold therefore, specialist legal advice can be beneficial in minimising the landlord’s tax exposure.

Further issues arise when a landlord is buying a tenanted property in Liverpool and automatically takes on the existing tenancy agreement, making them the landlord of the existing occupiers. The buyer will need to check that the terms of the tenancy agreement are legally valid and carry out safety checks on the property to ensure that it is suitable to be rented out. Other documents relating to the property will need to be examined to identify any potential hidden problems in the future, such as the buyer’s financial liability for past breaches of covenants. The tenancy deposit will also need to be transferred to the new landlord and protected in an appropriate tenancy deposit scheme.
Remortgaging with a new lender will require the services of a conveyancing solicitor to assist with the legal issues and paperwork involved in paying off an individual’s existing mortgage loan and arranging a new one.

Legal assistance is important to ensure that a person gets the right deal for them, whether the purpose of the remortgage is to reduce their monthly payments, release equity, borrow more money, or adjust their finances in some other way. A conveyancing solicitor can help evaluate whether a new mortgage deal meets an individual’s medium and long-term financial expectations, as well as minimise the potentially high costs that the process can entail in the absence of experienced legal representation.

The first step that a conveyancing solicitor will take will be to confirm an individual’s identity and undertake the necessary anti-money laundering checks. Title deeds to the property in question will need to be checked and lease terms examined, and the details of a person’s current mortgage will be obtained from their existing lender along with a redemption statement, which will confirm the exact amount required to fully repay the mortgage, as well as the existence of any extra charges and fees due for early repayment. Searches requested by the new lender (e.g. local land charge and local authority searches) will also need to be carried out and any related enquiries answered. Once a formal mortgage offer is made by the new lender, a conveyancing solicitor will assess the terms, highlight any issues that need to be raised and prepare the necessary documents for signing.

After the mortgage documents have been signed, a conveyancing solicitor will then be able to arrange a completion date with the new lender. On the day of completion, the new lender will transfer the mortgage funds to the conveyancing solicitor, who will then pay off their client’s existing mortgage, settle any outstanding fees and remit the remaining funds to the client. Finally, the new mortgage will need to be registered with the Land Registry and the legal title to the property will subsequently be updated to reflect this. Our clients find that having a solicitor with decades of experience in remortgaging property gives them the peace of mind and the results they want.
Our residential conveyancing team can work with our Liverpool divorce solicitors if you have any questions regarding the disposal of assets, such as property investments, and the divorce process generally.

In addition to residential conveyancing our Liverpool City Centre office offers property services including; commercial conveyancing and commercial property advice. Contact Christopher Bartlett for these services.
Figures released by Halifax Bank show that the average UK house price reached a record high of £254,606 in March 2021, having increased by 6.5% (around £15,000 on average) over the course of the past year since the series of national lockdowns began in March 2020.

The bank credits the extended stamp duty holiday and ongoing Government support measures as the main reasons behind the robust health of the housing market, which ‘few could have predicted’ 12 months ago when the pandemic-related restrictions began, according to the Halifax’s managing director.

Among the support measures, the new mortgage guarantee scheme (under which the government ‘guarantees’ 95% mortgages for buyers with 5% deposits, and which is partially intended to encourage banks to offer similar mortgage terms) has made home ownership a more realistic prospect for first-time buyers.

The stamp duty holiday extension until the end of June 2021 also contributed to the housing market’s resurgence in March, with prices rising by more than 1% from the previous month.

While the long-term outlook remains unpredictable, with buyers’ priorities likely to change due to the impact of the pandemic and the UK’s uncertain economic prospects, the shortage of homes for sale and tempting mortgage offers from lenders are likely to continue to support house prices for at least the remainder of the year.

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Louise Nelson is a Liverpool conveyancing solicitor with 39 years experience. Louise and her team will be happy to offer you a free no obligation quotation over the telephone, via e-mail, or at Marldon Chambers.

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All conveyancing and property-related work is supervised by Louise, who has worked as a solicitor for 39 years. Louise has spent her entire career at our firm. Bartletts has earned the Law Society’s Conveyancing Quality accreditation, which is a difficult stamp of approval to obtain. Every property lawyer at the firm is examined and checked by the Law Society every year. Many firms fail to achieve this mark of quality.

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