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Compensation For Teaching Assistant Injured At Work

Bartletts Solicitors recently represented a part-time teaching assistant at a primary school who was injured in an accident at work through no fault of his own and later successfully claimed personal injury compensation totalling £20,000 from his employer. Although our client was worried about the impact of his claim, the school improved its safety for everyone.

Result: Victory
Compensation: £20,000

Compensation For Airport Worker Who Unloaded Excessive Luggage

Mr G worked as a baggage handler at an airport, where his duties involved loading and unloading baggage. One afternoon, Mr G was working on his own unloading the bag belt, when he felt a sharp twinge in his lower back, and had to cease work immediately. Mr G was back at work in his old role after a course of physiotherapy that his claim provided for.

Result: Victory
Compensation: £4,250

Caretaker Compensated For Being Asked To Lift Too Much

Mr D worked as a caretaker at a private school, where he was often required to shift crates of books, weighing up to 60kg each, from the basement to upper floors. He was not provided with any human or mechanical assistance while doing so. Thanks to Mr D's claim his employer now provides the correct equipment so preventing injuries to others.

Result: Victory
Compensation: £8,500

Compensation For Worker Injured When Pushing A Dolly

Mr A worked in a supermarket, where his duties included stacking a standard wheeled dolly with crates of produce. One day he was pushing the dolly from the produce delivery bay, when it collided with a pallet. Mr A is now back at work in a different department.

Result: Victory
Compensation: £3,600

Compensation For Office Worker Who Injured Back In Fall

A recent client of Bartletts Solicitors was awarded £90,000 in compensation after an accident at work left her with a severely sprained ankle, chronic back pain and ongoing mobility issues. Although not back at work, our client now has the necessary support and funds to live in her own home.

Result: Victory
Compensation: £90,000

I Hurt My Back At Work What Should I Do?

Mr J worked at a warehouse distribution centre, where his job involved routinely lifting weights in excess of 20kg. One day he felt a sharp twinge and severe pain in his lower back, and was immediately forced to stop work. The interim payment obtained for our client meant he kept up with his mortgage payments.

Result: Victory
Compensation: £4,750

Delivery Man Wins Compensation For A Slipped Disc

Mr B worked for a company delivering heavy crates of wine and spirits across London. He regularly had to lift and carry crates weighing in excess of 25kg single-handed, and was not provided with a trolley or mechanical unloading equipment. Our client made a full recovery and is back in his job.

Result: Victory
Compensation: £5,000

Compensation For Prolapsed Disc & Sciatica From Lifting At Work

Mr R worked at a car parts factory in Coventry where his main role was the constant lifting of materials often weighing up to 25kg. Over time he began to develop back pain, as well as shooting pains and tingling sensations running down in his leg.

Result: Victory
Compensation: £12,750

Herniated Disc From Unloading Pallets

Mr D was working at a warehouse unloading pallets of goods from the back of a lorry with the assistance of a colleague, when he felt his back give way, and collapsed in agony. He was taken to hospital where doctors discovered that Mr D had suffered a herniated disc.

Result: Victory
Compensation: £7,750

Compensation For Support Worker Injured In The Community

Mrs S was employed part-time as a community support worker for a private sector healthcare provider, supplying care professionals to various different NHS trusts. Her duties involved assisting disabled and elderly service users.

Result: Victory
Compensation: £3,750

Trainee Nurse Obtains Compensation For Back Injury

Ms A was working as a trainee nurse at a private medical centre, assisting other nurses and practitioners in various capacities, including lifting and moving patients using specialist mechanical equipment.

Result: Victory
Compensation: £7,500

Compensation For Nursing Home Carer Injured Lifting Patients

Ms G was employed at a nursing home as a care worker, dealing with largely immobile patients. Her role involved routine Australian lifting, where two persons on either side of a patient lift them into a sitting position.

Result: Victory
Compensation: £4,250

Shop Worker Compensated For Hiatus Hernia From Lifting

Ms J had worked at the same branch of a national chain of bookshops for over 20 years. One summer she was placed in charge of organising the August sale, and due to a shortage of staff had to arrange many of the displays and carry crates of books.

Result: Victory
Compensation: £12,750

Part-Time Worker Claims For A Hernia From Lifting

Mr D was working part-time as part of an entertainment venue’s event management team, where he was regularly required to lift tables and chairs up and down flights of stairs. After three months of working Mr D felt pain and discomfort in his groin.

Result: Victory
Compensation: £5,700

Compensation Following GP Diagnosis Of Work Related Hernia

Mr J was temporarily employed at a food distribution warehouse, where he worked mainly on the night shift, stacking product crates for dispatch the following morning. For 2 weeks the warehouse experienced ongoing staff shortages.

Result: Victory
Compensation: £5,250

Compensation Claim For Third Degree Burns

Mr S was working on a building site when his hands came into contact with a buried power line, giving him an electric shock which threw him five feet backwards.

Result: Victory
Compensation: £10,500

Kitchen Worker Compensated For Second Degree Burns

Ms W was working in a restaurant, when she was scalded by boiling water that was spilled over her by a colleague with whom she collided in the kitchen.

Result: Victory
Compensation: £3,250

Office Worker Compensated For Burns To Her Hand

Ms G was using the coffee machine in the canteen of an office block that she visiting as the representative of her own company, when she suffered first degree burns.

Result: Victory
Compensation: £2,250