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Recently Won Cases

Compensation for Teaching Assistant Injured at Work

Bartletts Solicitors recently represented a part-time teaching assistant at a primary school who was injured in an accident at work through no fault of his own and later successfully claimed personal injury compensation totalling £20,000 from his employer. Although our client was worried about the impact of his claim, the school improved its safety for everyone.

Result: Victory
Compensation: £20,000

Compensation for Pedestrian Hit by Car at Zebra Crossing

Ms D was in the process of crossing a road in a 30mph zone at a clearly marked zebra crossing, while the amber lights were flashing, when a car collided with her and knocked her to the ground. Ms D later stated that she had seen the car approaching the crossing on her left side, and had assumed it would stop, given that the vehicle had plenty of time in which to do so and it was her right of way.

Result: Victory
Compensation: £5,500

Compensation for Emergency Stop Accident on Bus

A client of Bartletts Solicitors was able to successfully sue a bus company after she was injured on a bus when the driver performed an emergency stop to avoid crashing into a car which had slowed down in front of him ahead of a set of traffic lights. Mrs B was standing in the aisle of the bus and was thrown forward violently when the driver applied the brakes.

Result: Victory
Compensation: £2,750

Compensation for Car Accident at Petrol Station

Bartletts Solicitors recently represented a pedestrian injured in a collision with a vehicle at a BP petrol station, who was able to claim compensation against the driver’s insurance policy. Mr G was walking across the petrol station forecourt after paying for his fuel, when he was reversed into and knocked over by a teenage driver.

Result: Victory
Compensation: £4,500

Compensation for Falling Over Pallet in a Shop

A recent client was hurt after falling over a pallet of goods waiting to be stacked on a display rack in a shop. The pallet had been left lying near the checkout area of the store. Mrs T tripped after not seeing the edge of the pallet, as she was carrying heavy shopping bags and chatting to a friend.

Result: Victory
Compensation: £3,250

Motorcyclist Injured After Swerving to Avoid Collision

A recent client, Mr T, was injured while riding his motorcycle when he swerved to avoid a van that was turning right off a single carriageway road. The van driver had seen that a car was approaching up the road, but judged that he had just enough time to perform the manoeuvre.

Result: Victory
Compensation: £4,750