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Tenant Accidents

Tenants are able to sue landlords and claim compensation for accidents, injuries and illnesses at rented properties caused by disrepair and unsafe living conditions.

Whether the landlord is a private individual, company, housing association or local council, they are required by law to provide safe accommodation for their tenants. If they fail to do, and a tenant or visitor to a rented property is injured as a result, the landlord can be held legally responsible and be obliged to pay personal injury compensation.

When a landlord is made aware of disrepair and unsafe conditions at a rented property, they must address the matter within 20 working days, and fix the problem within a reasonable time-frame. How long is judged to be ‘reasonable’ depends on the extent of the necessary repairs and how quickly the landlord gets the work underway.

Common examples of dangers at rented properties include worn carpets and rotten floorboards which may cause tenants or visitors to trip and fall. Damaged ceilings can result in lumps of plaster falling onto those below, while fixtures such as cupboards and bathroom and kitchen units may collapse if they are in poor condition or not properly fitted.

Landlords are also responsible for the safety of outdoor and communal areas at rented accommodation. Stairwells may lack proper lighting, for example, or handrails may be damaged or missing. Car parks, gardens and other outdoor areas may be unsafe due to potholes or other surface defects. Discarded building materials can cause hazardous obstructions, while uncleared ice and snow is a common cause of slipping accidents in winter.

Water may leak into a rented property due to damaged guttering or roof tiles, potentially causing a range of safety issues. The safe provision of basic services including electricity, gas and water is also the landlord’s responsibility. Faulty immersion heaters may result in tenants burning themselves, while the dangers of leaking carbon monoxide gas are well known.

Our solicitors specialise in tenant accidents caused by disrepair at rented properties, and suing landlords for the resulting injuries. Give our friendly team of local experts a call on 0151 521 7333 or get in touch via our online enquiry form to discuss your situation and to get started making a personal injury claim against your landlord.

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