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Slips & Trips - Had an Accident in a Public Place?

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Many people who suffer a personal injury in public, such as by tripping or slipping, as a result of an accident which was someone else's fault do not claim compensation and suffer in silence due to the embarrassment of having had an accident in public or their fear of the legal system.

We have been helping the people of Merseyside with successful claims since 1860 and believe that we can help you too.

People are often worried about the injuries sustained, whether there will be long-term health implications, therapy costs, how they will pay bills, loss of earnings and the inconvenience to which loved ones are placed looking after them during periods of incapacity.

Our clients do not have to go through the process of getting back on their feet or deal with such worries alone. Our expert team of solicitors have extensive experience and knowledge in this field enabling us to quickly determine who was responsible and to make sure that claims for compensation are handled comprehensively and promptly.

We make the pursuit of your legal rights as uncomplicated and hassle-free as possible at no cost to yourself by providing:

  • A personal service to clients provided by the same expert solicitor from beginning to end.
  • A prompt and efficient service provided by our solicitor-only team.
  • Wide expertise in all personal injury claims.
  • Access to medical experts and rehabilitation services.
  • No Win No Fee Agreements.

  • These are complex claims where the specialist legal knowledge of our experts can make a vast difference to the outcome of a claim.

    • Slips & Trips While Shopping
    Slips, trips and falls in shops, shopping centres and other commercial premises are relatively common occurrences, and often the fault for an accident of this kind will lie with the establishment’s owners, management and staff.

    The most common reason for customers slipping or tripping over and injuring themselves through no fault of their own is poor maintenance, particularly failures in floor surface inspection and cleaning routines. These may be the result of poor scheduling, staff shortages, overcrowding, or simple human errors such as failing to dry a recently cleaned floor.

    Spillages in shops and supermarkets are a regular cause of slipping accidents, especially at peak times when stores are crowded and cleaning staff are unable to deal with slipping hazards quickly enough. Under UK law, retailers and their staff must identify and deal with potentially dangerous spillages within a reasonable time frame. If they fail to do so, they can be held responsible for shoppers falling over and getting injured.

    Slips while visiting commercial premises may also be the result of ice and snow in winter, which may be left uncleared in outdoor areas like car parks or trampled inside stores creating a slipping hazard. Trips can be caused by poorly maintained and uneven floor surfaces, as well as by discarded packaging materials, electric cables, inadequate lighting, potholes and numerous other obstacles and obstructions.

    Shops, supermarkets and other retailers owe their visitors a duty of care under the Occupiers’ Liability Act 1957, and are legally obliged to take all reasonable measures to keep them safe while on the premises and minimise the risk of accidents. If management and staff knew or should have known about a possible hazard, but failed to take reasonably quick action to deal with it, they can be held responsible for a resulting accident and be obliged to pay personal injury compensation.

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