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Bartletts Solicitors is a leading law firm in Liverpool with over 150 years of experience. We are proud to have been providing expert legal services and advice to the people of Merseyside and the North West since 1860.

We have a team of specialist accident claims solicitors that has built a solid reputation as a highly qualified group of down-to-earth legal professionals offering a warm, friendly, efficient and personal service.

We have grown by recommendation and aim for fast results with the best possible settlements for our clients.

We use our extensive experience to pursue all claims using the full rigour of the law to obtain for you the compensation you deserve whilst providing the highest possible standards you should rightly expect.

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Ready to make a claim? We aim to make it simple. Leave your details online and one of our qualified solicitors will contact you to discuss your case. Alternatively, you can call our office on 0151 521 7333 and speak to one of our expert solicitors.

We make home and hospital visits, and have out-of-hours appointments so you can discuss your case face-to-face with a solicitor.

We can organise transport for you to see the medical expert who prepares the report on your injuries.

We can instruct a physiotherapist to see you at home and treat you at your convenience.

Your claim will be handled by the same qualified solicitor throughout on a No Win No Fee basis and you will receive the highest level of compensation.
Do you know anyone who has been injured in an accident?

They may be entitled to compensation. Refer them one of our expert solicitors at Bartletts and receive a small amount of cash as a token thank you as part of our refer-a-friend scheme.

Payment will be made as soon as we've accepted the case and the other party admit responsibility. It really is that easy, so if you know someone in need of expert help, why not contact us today?
We offer specialist legal claims services, so if you are one of the many victims of personal injury accidents such as slips, trips and falls, accidents in public places, road traffic accidents, or your family or friends have been unfortunate to be involved in such an accident, then trust our expertise to get you the right result.

We have helped thousands of clients claim millions of pounds. Your compensation is your money and we guarantee that you will receive the best compensation we can get for you. No hidden costs, no payments up-front! Contact us now to start your personal injury claim!
We are easy to talk to and here to listen. We provide free advice and are always ready to help. Many firms use unqualified legal staff to handle claims. At Bartletts Solicitors all claims are handled by fully qualified solicitors who are experts in the field of personal injury and accident claims to ensure the best results.

We appreciate that you may be unsure as to whether you are entitled to compensation following an accident or injury. If you are in any doubt over whether you can make a personal injury claim, please contact us for FREE ADVICE on 0151 521 7333. Let us help you!

We handle personal injury and accident claims in Liverpool, Fazakerly, Bootle, Southport, St Helens, Warrington, Widnes, Runcorn, Wirral and Nationwide!

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Bartletts Solicitors in Walton Vale recently won a claim on behalf of a client who was injured after being run into by an electric scooter. Ms G was walking on the pavement carrying shopping bags when the e-scooter clipped her as it was passing, knocking her to the ground and leaving her lying prostrate. The e-scooter rider stopped at the scene of the accident, while a passerby called an ambulance. Ms G was taken to hospital where she was diagnosed with concussion from the blow to her head she sustained in the fall, as well as extensive bruising to her arms and legs. She was discharged the following day, and continued to experience loss of mobility for a few weeks afterwards. She was also upset and angry about the circumstances of the accident, as she had not heard the e-scooter approaching, and had obviously assumed she was safe as a pedestrian walking on a pavement.

Ms G later contacted our Walton Vale office to discuss making a personal injury claim against the e-scooter rider, and we subsequently agreed to represent her on a no win no fee basis. In correspondence with the rider’s insurance company, we pointed out that e-scooter riders are subject to the same laws as motorists and motorcyclists under the Road Traffic Act 1988, and that it is illegal to ride e-scooters in spaces such as pavements that are set aside for use by pedestrians. It is also an offence to use ‘powered transporters’, including e-scooters, on pavements under the Highway Act 1835. The e-scooter in question was privately owned, and appeared to have been travelling significantly faster than the 15.5mph speed limit at the time of the accident. Given these circumstances, we were able to reach agreement over a settlement relatively quickly, with Ms G receiving £3,500 in compensation.
Bartletts Solicitors to przodująca firma prawnicza zLiverpoolu z ponad 150-letnim doświadczeniem. Jesteśmy dumni że możemy dostarczać ekspertyz usług prawnych i porad dla ludzi z Merseyside oraz północnego zachodu Angli od 1860 roku.

Jesteśmy specjalistami od świadczeń wypadków, zbudowaliśmy reputacje jako wysoko wykwalifikowana grupa prawników oferujących przyjazną, efektywną i indywidualną obsługę.

Staramy się aby sprawa o Twoje odszkodowanie była dla Ciebie latwiejsza:

Gotowy do złożenia wniosku? Chcemy Ci to ułatwić. Zostaw nam swoje dane online a jeden z naszych wykwalifikowanych prawników skontaktuje się z Tobą i przedyskutuje Twoją sprawę. Możesz także zadzwonić do Naszego biura 0151 521 7333 i porozmawiać jednym z prawników.

Możemy przyjechać do Ciebie do domu/ szpitala na wizytę żebyś mógł porozmawiać twarzą w twarz z naszym prawnikiem.

Możemy zorganizować dla Ciebie transport z lekarzem który przygotuje dla Ciebie raport z Twoich obrażeń.

Możemy poinstruować fizjoterapeutę aby przyjechał do Ciebie do domu i leczył Cię według Twojej wygody (dogodnień).

Twoja sprawa będzie kierowana prze tego samego prawnika , otrzymasz także najwyższą rekompensację. Od Kwietnia 2013 roku bierzemy tylko 25% z nagrody rekompensacyjnej za szkody osobowe.

Urośliśmy przez rekomendację i dążymy do szybkich rezultatów z najlepszymi rozliczeniami dla Naszych klientów.

Wykorzystujemy Nasze doświadczenie do wykonywania wszelkich świadczeń używając pełnych rygorów prawa w celu uzyskania rekompensaty na którą zasługujesz , jednocześnie zapewniamy możliwie największe standardy.

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We are your local accident claims solicitor. Established in 1860, and through the good times and the hard times, we have been proud of our reputation as an accident claims solicitor. We remain the big firm with the local touch to ensure a personal service and are definitely not a call centre operation.

We are leaders in our field, and specialists in personal injury claims because of our experience, expertise and excellence.

We aim for fast results and the best settlements. We ensure you are never sold out nor your claim undervalued. Client care is our No.1 priority. We believe in first rate service for first rate results.

Our service is designed to be easy to use: meetings by phone & email, local medical appointments, sign documents online, or visit our Walton Vale, Fazakerly & Bootle office.

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The Walton Vale office of Bartletts is a family business of Liverpool solicitors that has been serving the people of Merseyside since 1860. The firm is a member of the Motor Accident Solicitors and has members of the Law Society Personal Injury Panel. With modern means of communication, we represent Claimants all over the country.

Bartletts has always been at the heart of the Liverpool area. William Bartlett originally set up at York Chambers, 20 North John Street, Liverpool. The Walton Vale office was opened in 1984 with the aim of creating a good out of town office to match the best in the City Centre and service the entirety of Liverpool and Merseyside.

Bartletts is proud to support a number of public bodies and charities, including Liverpool Cathedral, National Museums Liverpool, the Walker Art Gallery and Zoë’s Place Baby Hospice. You can find out more on our blog or on social media.

“I was delighted Bartletts Solicitors continued their tradition of philanthropy with Liverpool Cathedral this year. Thank you so much for your generous gift.” - The Dean of Liverpool, The Very Revd Dr. Sue Jones (Dec 2020)