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Hit and Run Accidents

Hit and run accidents are quite common and can be difficult because:

1. Lots of drivers are uninsured and make off after the accident.

2. Near misses can also be categorised under this accident category. One example is when a car pulls out on a bus, the bus driver takes emergency evasive action by braking hard and there is a near miss. The car driver drives off, but the passengers on the bus are thrown out of their seats and injure themselves.

3. In the unexpected circumstances of an accident, people can be in shock and not get the full details of the other driver. We try to trace the other driver from the few details which you give us using the DVLA and an enquiry agent, otherwise we have to treat the case as a hit and run accident. It is always important in any road accident to record as much information as possible, including any witness details. Where possible, use your phone camera to take photographs.

4. False details can be given together with a claim that the car was stolen before the accident, which can mean the case has to be treated as a hit and run case.

Most people believe that there is nothing that can be done, but there is. We will submit a claim to the Motor Insurers' Bureau (MIB) that deals with these cases.

The MIB is an independent organisation created by the insurance industry and the Government to cooperate in compensating the victims of negligent untraced motorists.

Please note that we can claim for personal injury and can also claim for property damage (except for the first £300).

In all such cases, you must report the matter to the police as soon as possible and obtain a police reference or log number.

To comply with the MIB's requirements, we submit a form and will be required to disclose copies of the following documents to the MIB:

  • Driving license
  • Insurance documents
  • Vehicle ownership documents
  • Current MOT certificate

  • These claims are not straightforward, but with our experience, expertise and success with these cases, we know we will obtain the best result for you.

    Please note that the MIB's requirements are complicated and subject to many provisions. They will assess each case and decide on the level of compensation. This is subject to the right of appeal to an arbitrator but with no recovery of legal costs. It is important that your case is presented in the right way to ensure maximum compensation.

    • What to Do After a Hit and Run Accident
    When a driver who is responsible for a hit and run accident drives away without stopping it is considered a criminal act under UK law - as is leaving the scene of an accident - so the first thing you should do is pull over into a safe spot and remain there.

    Calling an ambulance (if necessary) is an obvious step to take, as is calling the police. A police report can help identify the hit and run driver, prove you were not at fault for the accident, and will be critical to the success of an insurance or criminal injuries claim. The police may also be able to collect evidence at the scene that would otherwise go undetected.

    You should note down everything that you remember about the accident, the hit and run driver and their vehicle - especially the distinguishing details. Apart from the make, model, colour and license plate, perhaps the driver’s vehicle was damaged in the accident or the vehicle had certain unique features. A description of the driver’s physical appearance may also prove useful.

    Talk to any witnesses to the accident who may have recorded the vehicle’s registration number or remember other important details. Take down their contact details, as witness statements will help confirm the exact circumstances of the accident. They may also have dashcam footage of the incident. Obtaining CCTV footage from nearby cameras is a matter that the police should be able to assist with.

    Take as many photographs as possible of the accident scene, the surrounding area, any injuries sustained, and any damage to your vehicle and personal property. Make sure your camera phone records the date and time!

    A medical report (if applicable) will provide crucial evidence in the support of an injury claim. You should also call your insurance company at the earliest opportunity so they are aware of the details of the hit and run accident and can get started processing your claim.

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