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Criminal Injuries

Criminal Injuries Compensation Authorities

The Criminal Injuries Compensation Authorities (CICA) is an organisation set up by the Government to help citizens wrongly injured by criminals.

The scheme insists that:

  • The victim reports the matter to the police as soon as possible.
  • Full cooperation is given to the police.
  • The injuries are serious and worth over £1,000.
  • Any convictions of the victim are taken into account.

  • Injuries are compensated by assessing the general nature of the injury and referring to a preset scale of compensation. Multiple injuries are ranked and only the worst three are compensated for. An initial claim form is submitted and supplemental questionnaires are sent out, so the procedure can be straightforward.

    Problems arise when incomplete medical evidence is obtained, or expenditure not repaid. Unfortunately CICA is a very slow organisation to process work and claims can take one to two years to process. This can be even longer if it is necessary to appeal and challenge any issues. This is why those with criminal injury cases should consider contacting legal experts like Bartletts.

    If we become involved, we agree with you how legal fees can be paid, usually by agreeing a percentage from the award of compensation made.

    Call or complete our online enquiry form for free advice.

    • Psychological Trauma From Violent Crimes
    CICA’s compensation scheme covers both physical and mental injuries. Psychological trauma experienced by victims of violent crime is recognised as a mental injury which can have more far-reaching consequences than any physical injury. Both victims and witnesses may suffer psychological injury following a violent crime, and understanding and awareness of such injuries has grown significantly in recent years.

    To claim compensation for a disabling mental injury caused by a violent crime from CICA, the condition must be clinically diagnosed by a psychiatrist or psychologist. Symptoms may include flashbacks, panic attacks, nightmares, agoraphobia, general anxiety and depression. Feelings of isolation and loneliness are common, while relationships with friends, partners and colleagues may be negatively affected. This can lead, for example, to a breakdown in an individual’s performance at work resulting in them losing their job, or a child losing focus on school work directly impacting their future prospects.

    Psychological injuries can therefore have unpredictable long-term consequences, and compensation from CICA can help victims of violent crime access the care, support and treatment they require. Our criminal injury specialists understand the psychological harm that victims of and witnesses to violent crimes may experience, and can help them claim the compensation they deserve and need from CICA.

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