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Accidents at Work

People who have had accidents at work worry about bringing a claim and many go without their rightful compensation because of this fear. These people are unaware of the facts:

  • Claims make employers safety conscious and prevent more people being hurt!

  • Most safety measures could have been undertaken at no expense and very easily to ensure future accidents were reasonably preventable.

  • Often these issues are only addressed once management are aware of accidents and this leads to a safer working environment. Accident investigations are carried out.

  • Safety policies are drawn up and implemented. Safety representatives can be appointed.

  • Risk assessments are undertaken. Extra support and training is sometimes given.

  • Therefore, many claims lead to change in procedures and a safer environment for staff with less chance of accidents occurring in the future.

  • Employers are obliged by law to take reasonable steps to ensure that you work in a safe environment and their duties include provision of:

  • Safe materials to work with
  • Safe and well maintained equipment
  • Adequate support and assistance
  • Sufficient supervision and guidance
  • Safe fellow employees

  • Your employer is liable for the negligence of your fellow employees. Make sure your employers know about an accident at work and that it is recorded in the accident report book.

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    • Back Injuries From Lifting at Work
    Excessive and awkward lifting accounts for the majority of work related back injuries, which in turn are the number one cause of time off work among British workers. Lifting injuries most commonly affect the lower back, straining or tearing soft tissues (muscles, tendons and ligaments) and also causing slipped discs and trapped nerves. Back injuries from lifting at work are usually the result of a sudden excess force being placed on the spine, while others are the result of repetitive lifting over time.

    Back injuries from lifting can affect workers in any industry, from a construction worker lifting heavy building materials by hand to an office worker moving furniture. Delivery drivers, warehouse workers, supermarket shelf stackers and nurses are expected to lift and move heavy and awkward loads as a core part of their job, making them particularly susceptible to lifting injuries and back problems. Perhaps surprisingly, however, it is estimated that roughly half of all work related lifting injuries are sustained in office environments.

    Many back injuries are the result of workers lifting loads in an unsafe way. Employers are expected to provide training in safe lifting techniques, and also to find a mechanical solution to lifting tasks wherever possible. When lifting by hand is unavoidable, a risk assessment must be carried out taking into account the ergonomics of the loads involved, as well as the suitability of individual workers to lift them by hand. The Manual Handling Operations Regulations 1992 covers these requirements for employers, and also sets limits on the total weight that a worker should be obliged to lift during a shift.

    A back injury from lifting can have profound consequences on both a worker’s employment and their personal life. A long-term back problem and loss of mobility can make even simple day-to-day tasks painful and difficult to carry out. Loss of earnings and the future needs of an injured worker are two important components of compensation awards for serious back injuries caused by lifting at work.

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