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  • Tenant Eviction In Liverpool At Fixed Fees
  • Evicting Tenants Is Complicated
  • Evicting Tenants Requires Notices Requesting Possession
  • Evicting Problem Tenants May Require Eviction Orders From The Court
  • Court Bailiffs Can Be Necessary To Evict A Tenant
  • How We Can Help You
If you are a landlord looking for a trusted, regulated, professional law firm to evict your residential tenants with minimum stress then use our fixed fee service for evicting Liverpool tenants. As the tenant eviction process can be complicated and lengthy, instruct an experienced expert for your peace of mind. Get it right the first time and save yourself months of time and rental income.
The tenant eviction process is complicated to ensure that tenants have a reasonable amount of protection from being made homeless. Many landlords feel that the law and the judges (who have considerable discretion when deciding whether or not to evict a tenant) favour the tenant. Therefore, the first step is to thoroughly assess your current situation by reading through all paperwork relating to the tenancy. By doing this we can check whether you have complied with the many legal requirements associated with renting residential property. If you have overlooked any of these regulations we will advise you how best you comply. Remember, you cannot evict a tenant if any of the following have to been seen to: proper execution of the tenancy agreement, deposit registration, HMO license, disrepair issues, gas and electrical safety matters.
Secondly, we will prepare and serve the necessary notices requiring possession so that you can repossess your property and try to recover monies owed from unpaid rent and damages. We charge £175 inclusive of VAT for this.
Thirdly, there is a significant possibility that the tenant will not respond to the notices after receiving legal advice of their own. In this case we will submit the appropriate claim and associated evidence to the local county court covering your property. These claims are technical in nature and the complex court rules have to be strictly followed. We fully manage your claim for your peace of mind.
Lastly, once the court has ordered the tenants to leave they may not do so on advice from their legal advisers. In this case we instruct the court bailiffs and the police to physically remove all persons found at the property. The latter are the only people who are legally permitted to use force to clear a residential property.
Protecting and supporting clients for over 150 years, Bartletts Solicitors offers unrivalled knowledge and experience of landlord and tenant law. We offer a no obligation quotation and competitive fixed fees to represent clients, in what can be complex legal disputes. Contact our team today by phone or using our contact form.

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