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Bartletts Solicitors has a specialist team of personal injury solicitors in Liverpool City Centre. We have been acting on behalf of clients in Liverpool and Merseyside for 47 years. Our local knowledge guarantees you will get the most reliable legal advice and most effective legal representation.

As a client of Bartletts you will benefit from the expertise of our experienced personal injury solicitors, and a tradition of client service that dates back to 1860, the year that Bartletts was founded by William Bartlett, a solicitor who set up in business at Marldon Chambers on North John Street, where the firm’s head office remains to this day.

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If you have been involved in an accident at a supermarket and were injured through no fault of your own, our firm can advise you for free as to whether you have a claim, and if so we can represent you on a no win no fee basis. We have taken legal action against many supermarket groups and retailers for accidents at their stores in Liverpool and across Merseyside. This puts us in a strong position to secure the most advantageous compensation settlements for clients.

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A high proportion of accidents at supermarkets involve customers slipped or tripping over and injuring themselves, often through no fault of their own, but rather due to the negligence of the supermarket or a member of its staff. To make a successful claim it will be necessary to show that the supermarket knew or should have known about a hazard that caused an accident, but failed to take the necessary action that would have prevented the accident from happening. Slipping accidents at supermarkets fall into three main categories:

Slips on spillages inside supermarkets: Customers may spill products creating a slipping hazard for other shoppers (and staff). If a supermarket fails to identify a spillage and cleaning staff fail to clear it up within a reasonable time frame, the supermarket will be liable if a customer or employee slips over on it and injures themselves.

Slips on wet floors inside supermarkets: Cleaning staff may fail to dry floor surfaces properly after mopping, leaving them wet, slippery and potentially dangerous. If a floor is in this kind of state after an area of a supermarket has been recently cleaned, wet floor warning signs should be in place and clearly visible to prevent customers from accessing the area.

Slips on ice and snow in winter: Slush may be trampled into supermarkets by customers, potentially making floor surfaces around entrances and exits slippery and hazardous. Rock salt (grit) must also be laid down in adequate quantities in supermarket car parks during freezing conditions, both before a supermarket opens for the day and throughout the day at regular intervals to minimise the possibility of slipping accidents.

Bartletts has a tradition of commitment, hard work, and the highest levels of expertise in personal injury law. Client care is our highest priority. Our solicitors ensure that you are always kept up to date with every aspect of your case, and we aim obtain the maximum amount of damages for our clients with the minimum of fuss. Contact us today for a free no obligation consultation with a fully trained and experienced solicitor in our Liverpool City Centre office who is an expert in personal injury claims against shops and supermarkets.

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