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Sitting in a crowded cafe full of suits at lunchtime, it’s easy to see the appeal of getting into the cafe business. The baguettes, sandwiches and salads seem to fly off the shelves and a river of white cups filled with steaming coffee is flowing from behind the counter. “Easy money,” you find yourself thinking. “How hard can it be seving cups of coffee all day long?”

Not surprisingly, there’s a lot more to it than that, and getting your café to run as smoothly or profitably as your average Starbucks is no easy matter.

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  • Advice on Permitted Use When Buying a Cafe
  • Legal Advice on a Cafe Sit Out Licence
  • Advice on Cafe Trading Hours Permitted by the Lease
  • What Alterations Can I Make to the Cafe Premises?
If you’ve found a cafe you want to buy, lease, or sell then you’re probably feeling quite impatient to get started. Unfortunately, you really do need to take the time to get some advice from a solicitor on buying, leasing, or selling a cafe business. You’re risking too much by simply signing on the dotted line. The good news is we’ll make the process quick and painless. Because we’re experts at buying, leasing and selling cafes we only stick to the essentials.

Case Study: How I Helped With The Purchase Of A Coffee Shop

Sound legal advice on the law relating to leasing a cafe will save you time and money. Here are some typical important issues that always need to be considered when buying a cafe:
Pay close attention to exactly what you can and cannot do in the cafe. Do you plan to sell any food? If so, are we talking takeaways, proper sit down restaurant like meals, or simply a snack? Will you sell alcohol? Whatever you want to do in the Property, make sure your lease lets you do it and there is a planning consent in place.
Ask yourself; can my customers sit on the street outside my cafe? It is often crucial for cafe customers to be able to sit out in the street. Does the lease provide you with the right to do so? If not, then you may need to approach the Council to arrange permission for this.
Some landlords are keen to restrict trading hours to avoid upsetting neighbours or residential tenants in a development or simply because it makes management of the building/shopping centre easier. Running a cafe is very different from having a clothes shop or an office. Flexible hours can be crucial. It’s not unusual for cafes to be open all the hours, including weekends.
When our clients buy a cafe they will normally want to make some alterations to the place. These can range from serious fit out works involving the installation of a commercial kitchen with flues to simply putting up a neon sign outside. Whatever changes you’re planning, chances are you will need the landlord and/or the Council to approve some of them. It is vital to sort these issues out before signing the lease or contract. I believe sound legal advice on negotiating cafe lease terms is crucial.

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