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Solicitors For Selling A House Or Flat In Liverpool

Whether you are selling a house or flat privately or through an estate agent, a firm of experienced conveyancing solicitors can help make the residential sales process as straightforward and stress-free as possible.

Bartletts Solicitors offers a transparent fixed fee residential conveyancing service for selling a property in Liverpool and Merseyside.

Our decades of experience and local knowledge will help ensure that you complete the sale of your property as quickly and economically as possible - and with the minimum of fuss.

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The role of a conveyancing solicitor is to assist the property seller in completing the necessary documents and stages involved in the selling process, and ensure they meet all their legal obligations. Firstly, a solicitor will obtain and check the title deeds to the property to prove that the seller is the legal owner, and that there are no other issues affecting their right to sell. Once this is done, the solicitor will help the seller complete the mandatory property information forms, as well as a fixtures and fittings form, which will confirm which items inside the property are included in the sale price. The solicitor will then prepare a draft contract for sale and send it to the prospective buyer’s conveyancer, along with a copy of the title deeds, and wait to answer any questions regarding the property that the buyer or their legal representatives may have.

Once confirmation that the buyer is ready to proceed with the property purchase is received, contracts will be signed by both parties and ‘exchanged’ between the solicitors representing the seller and the buyer, at which point the agreement will become legally binding. The buyer will then pay a deposit on the sale price (normally 10%), and a date will be set for completion, before which the seller will remove their belongings and vacate the property. On the day of completion, the seller’s solicitor will receive the balance due on the sale price, the keys to the property will be handed over to the buyer, and the transaction will be deemed to be complete. Assuming that all the expenses involved in the transaction have been paid, the seller will then receive the proceeds of the sale from their conveyancing solicitor. Our clients find that having a solicitor with decades of experience of the Liverpool property market gives them the peace of mind and the results they want.

Another important role that the conveyancing solicitor representing the seller plays is in ensuring that the latter’s financial liabilities relating to the property are met, especially concerning any outstanding sums owed on a mortgage and/or loans secured on the property. The solicitor will request a redemption statement from the mortgage provider and settle the seller’s account with the lender by the completion date. They will also make sure that any other financial obligations (e.g. estate agent’s fees) are settled by that date.
The entire conveyancing process up to completion will take 8-12 weeks in normal circumstances. Using a local firm of solicitors can help speed matters up due to the latter’s knowledge of the local area and experience with similar property transactions. Our firm offers a transparent fixed fee structure for selling a property in Liverpool and Merseyside at competitive rates, and with no hidden costs. Get in touch with Louise Nelson and her team for a no obligation quotation today.

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Customer service is very important to us. John Bartlett has been managing the firm for over 40 years and takes customer satisfaction very seriously.

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All conveyancing and property-related work is supervised by Louise, who has worked as a solicitor for 39 years. Louise has spent her entire career at our firm. Bartletts has earned the Law Society’s Conveyancing Quality accreditation, which is a difficult stamp of approval to obtain. Every property lawyer at the firm is examined and checked by the Law Society every year. Many firms fail to achieve this mark of quality.

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