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Compensation for Botched Spider Vein Removal

Mrs T was undergoing a series of IPL laser vein removal treatments, to reduce the appearance of spider veins on her face. Her first 2 laser sessions went fine, however, when she went for the third and final session, the technician who normally operated the laser during vein removal procedures was absent. Mrs T was assured that another operator was available, and the session therefore went ahead.

Immediately afterwards, Mrs T’s face looked red and felt sore. She was told that this was normal, temporary and would clear up within a few hours. However, the same evening Mrs T began to notice clusters of small red heat spots forming on her face. By the following day, despite having applied aloe vera gel, Mrs T’s face was blistered, and her skin was broken and weeping. She saw her GP, who prescribed antibiotics, and was ultimately forced to take 3 weeks off work, due to her profound embarrassment over her appearance.

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Mrs T was angered and deeply upset, both by the pain the injuries to her face caused her, and the humiliating consequences that resulted. She contacted Bartletts, having read about our expertise in laser treatment injury cases, and we later agreed to represent her on a no win no fee basis in a claim against the beauty clinic. We argued that, during our client’s third and final session, the laser had obviously been beamed onto her skin for fractionally too long, causing the skin to burn. She had undergone two previous laser vein removal sessions without experiencing any problems, and this could only mean that the operator who carried out the final session had made an error during the treatment, thereby directly causing our client’s burn injuries. We were able to win an admission of liability from the beauty clinic’s insurers after a few months of correspondence, and Mrs T shortly afterwards received a cheque for £3,750 in compensation.

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Mrs V underwent a course of endovenous laser treatment / ablation (ELA), to remove swollen and unsightly varicose veins on her legs. During her third session, Mrs V noticed that the laser was directed onto her legs for longer than previously, and commented on this to the laser operator, who told her that this was normal for a third treatment. Afterwards, Mrs V’s skin was red and painful. The clinic again told her this was normal, and recommended that she purchase some aloe vera gel from the chemist.

The following day, the skin on Mrs V’s legs was swollen and began to blister. She was prescribed antibiotics and painkillers by her GP, and was forced to take 2 weeks off work due to the pain and discomfort. She cancelled her remaining ELA sessions after informing the clinic that she would be seeking legal advice.
Bartletts Solicitors went on to represent Mrs V in her personal injury claim against the laser clinic where her ELA treatment was carried out. We argued that our client’s third session was botched, and that the laser had been beamed onto her skin for longer than was either safe or usual in the circumstances. It later emerged that the laser machine had been serviced a few days prior to Mrs V’s third laser varicose vein removal session, and that the laser operator had been told to direct the laser onto the skin for longer than normal, to compensate for a supposed loss of power. All of this was freely admitted by the owner of the cosmetic / laser clinic, and the laser operator who had carried out Mrs V’s treatment. Because of this, we were able to win an admission of liability swiftly from the clinic’s insurers, and our client subsequently received a cheque for £3,750 in personal injury compensation.
If you have been burned or otherwise injured by a laser vein removal treatment at a cosmetic clinic or beauty salon, contact our expert female solicitors today for free, confidential legal advice. Our experience in this relatively new area of law guarantees you the best legal assessment of your case, and the highest possible compensation settlement for your injury.

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