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Over the past decade Photodynamic Therapy (PDT) has normally been used to treat skin cancer lesions and pre-cancerous cells, as well as other skin problems including sun damage and severe cases of acne. In such cases a photosensitising agent, either aminolevulinic acid (ALA) or methyl aminolevulinate (MAL), is administered topically and then exposed to a specific wavelength of LED light and oxygen, turning it into a toxic agent which targets and destroys diseased or damaged skin tissues.
Increasingly, however, beauty salons and clinics are starting to use PDT for cosmetic purposes, in particular skin rejuvenation to eliminate wrinkles, fine lines and other signs of ageing. With such procedures, the infrared rays destroy surface skin tissues in the targeted area and thermally heat deeper skin cells, stimulating them and making them more active. This increase in the pace of metabolism therefore is what achieves skin cell rejuvenation, reversing the natural cosmetic effects of ageing.
The non-invasive nature of photodynamic therapy makes it a generally safe procedure, however, various contraindications exist which make PDT unsuitable for some individuals. These contraindications are normally related to ingredients contained in the ALA or MAL solutions which can trigger adverse reactions, particularly in people allergic to porphyrins (MAL creams also contain peanut and almond oils, both well-known allergens). It is critical therefore that the necessary tests are carried out on prospective PDT patients to evaluate their suitability for the procedure.
As with all light therapy treatments, the skill of the practitioner will be the most important factor in preventing accidents during PDT treatments. The thermal heat used can cause severe burn wounds if the equipment used is set to too high a wavelength, or if the infrared rays are directed at the skin for fractionally too long. Clinics must therefore properly assess a patient’s skin sensitivity prior to a treatment, and draw the right conclusions about how to carry out the procedure to achieve the desired results.
Our female beauty treatment solicitors have successfully handled claims on behalf of clients who have been burned or otherwise injured by PDT treatments. Because we specialise in light therapy injury claims, you can rest assured that we will obtain to maximum amount of compensation for you. Contact our specialist team today for free and confidential legal advice.

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