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  • Botched Advanced Electrolysis to Remove Syringoma
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  • Solicitors Claiming for Advanced Electrolysis Gone Wrong
Syringoma are benign (non-cancerous) tumours which normally appear on the lower eyelids and upper parts of the cheeks, and are caused by overactive sweat glands. Multiple yellowish bumps measuring 1-3mm on the face can be disfiguring, and one of the most effective techniques for removing them is known as advanced electrolysis (ACP).

With this invasive method, a needle is inserted into each growth, emitting an electric current which burns and cauterises, allowing them to be scraped off. A scab then forms over each wound, normally lasting for up to a week.
As with all electrolysis treatments, the success of syringoma removal is very much dependent on the competence and skill of the practitioner. When performed on sensitive facial areas, advanced electrolysis is an extremely delicate procedure, as the intense heat transmitted by the needle can easily burn and damage the skin. A practitioner may fail to properly assess a person’s skin sensitivity prior to a treatment, resulting in the electrolysis machine being set to too high a frequency, and excessive heat being transmitted, burning and damaging healthy skin cells around and below the syringoma.
A poorly trained, unskilled, or simply incompetent advanced electrolysis practitioner may therefore easily botch a treatment and cause long-term skin damage. Scarring to the face can be far more unsightly and disfiguring than the original syringomas, and can trigger psychological problems, negatively impacting on every area of a person’s life. A skin patch test should always be carried out 24-48 hours before an electrolysis treatment to properly assess a prospective client’s skin, their suitability for the procedure, and the correct frequency of the electrical current to achieve to optimum results.
Patients undergoing syringoma removal using advanced electrolysis have the legal right to expect that their treatments will be carried out in a competent manner by a trained and skilled practitioner, and will achieve the desired results. If a person’s skin is burned and they are left with long-term scarring from syringoma removal, they should seek legal advice at the earliest opportunity with a view to claiming compensation. Our female solicitors can advise on any advanced electrolysis treatment that has caused skin damage. Contact our team of specialist lawyers for free and reliable legal advice.

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