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Compensation for Car Accident at Petrol Station

Bartletts Solicitors recently represented a pedestrian injured in a collision with a vehicle at a BP petrol station, who was able to claim compensation against the driver’s insurance policy. Mr G was walking across the petrol station forecourt after paying for his fuel, when he was reversed into and knocked over by a teenage driver who had failed to look in his wing mirrors before pulling out.

The incident was captured on the service station’s CCTV, and the footage later proved crucial in convincing the driver’s insurers that their policyholder had been at fault for the accident. Staff at the petrol station administered basic first aid until an ambulance arrived, and Mr G was taken to hospital, where he was treated for a fractured ankle, extensive bruising to his lower leg, and minor head injuries. He later went on to make a full recovery, but suffered weeks of pain, incapacity and inconvenience as a result of the accident.

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Mr G subsequently contacted our firm for legal advice, and we agreed to take on his claim for being knocked over at the petrol station on a no win no fee basis. In correspondence with the motorist’s insurers, we noted that their policyholder had only passed his test a few weeks before the accident, and was therefore an inexperienced driver. We requested, received and reviewed the CCTV footage of the accident, which showed Mr G walking across the forecourt in a normal manner, before the driver’s vehicle suddenly reversed and collided with him. This clearly proved the motorist’s culpability for the incident, as he would not have reversed in such a way had he checked his wing mirrors properly and seen Mr G behind him. The insurers acknowledged that the driver had failed to exercise due care and attention, and that this had caused Mr G’s injuries. Our client received a total of £4,500 in compensation.

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