Why Legal Advice Is Important When Taking On A Business Lease

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Business leases play a key role in the success or failure of any business. A solicitor can advise prospective commercial tenants if the lease is drafted with their particular business in mind or if the lease is biased towards the landlord.

Chris Bartlett has years of experience negotiating leases for tenants from a wide range of businesses. Therefore, when you instruct him to analyse your lease he will not have to "re-invent the wheel" and so is in position to offer you a fixed fee quote to ensure the lease you sign is the right one for your business. Below are some typical questions that Chris gets asked.

Typical Questions A Solicitor Will Answer With Regard To A Commercial Lease

  • Is this commercial lease suitable for my business type?

  • Does the lease give me adequate access to the commercial property?

  • Are the terms and conditions of the lease fair?

  • How can I negotiate better terms in my business lease based on your experience?

  • Are the clauses in my commercial lease well drafted and unambiguous?

  • How much in service charges could I be asked to pay under this business lease?

  • Are the rent increase provisions in my commercial lease fair?

  • Are the repairing obligations in my business lease normal?

  • How can I end my commercial lease and what is the earliest date that I can terminate the lease and leave the property?

  • If the property suits my business what rights do I have under the lease to stay at the property?
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    Commercial Property Solicitor

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