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Contested wills and probate disputes are becoming more and more common, and are often complex and sensitive affairs, meaning that the experience and expertise of your solicitor will be critical in resolving the matter satisfactorily. Constantly rising property prices in recent years have significantly increased the value of many wills, making disputes increasingly likely.

  • What Are The Reasons For Disputing A Will?
  • What Is The Best Way To Resolve A Disputed Will Or Probate Matter?
There are a number of different reasons for challenging the validity of a will and disputing its terms. Simple drafting errors may have been made, or the mental capacity of the testator may be grounds for claiming that a will did not reflect their true intentions. They may have been subject to undue influence when drafting the document, or else the will may have been altered or forged by a third party.
Wills and probate disputes can normally be resolved by what is known as Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR), a mediation process aimed at getting the contending parties to agree to a resolution without the need for litigation. This is less costly and more confidential than taking a dispute to court, and again the knowledge and experience of your solicitor will be important in reaching a favourable resolution.

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Louise Nelson is a solicitor with 39 years experience in wills, trusts & probate matters. She will be happy to offer you a free telephone or face to face consultation.

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