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Solicitors Advising On Buying A Bed And Breakfast

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Exhausting Work

There’re no two ways around it: running a bed and breakfast is hard work. It’s all day long 7 days a week. And at the end of the day, there’s no home to go to because you’re already there! Still, for those who love the lifestyle there’s money to be made by keeping those beds full. A well run B&B can easily take £120,000 or more per annum.

Before launching into the business you need to sit yourself down and plan things very carefully, especially the finances. On top of the large initial capital investment, it is expensive to keep a B&B in business. For example, you’ll have to find the money to pay staff, huge utility bills, and all those daily full English breakfasts. You’ll need to work closely with an accountant who’s familiar with the area, to make sure the budget stays afloat. You will also need a solicitor to advise on the purchase of your bed and breakfast business.

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Legal Advice – A Necessity

If you’ve found a B&B you want to buy then you’re probably feeling quite impatient to get started. Unfortunately, you really do need to take the time to get some advice from a solicitor. You’re risking too much by simply sign on the dotted line. The good news is we’ll make the process quick and painless. Because I’m a solicitor expert at buying and bed and breakfasts, I stick to the essentials.

Case Study: How I Helped With The Purchase Of A B&B

Good legal advice on the law relating to bed and breakfasts will save you time and money. To give you a flavour of the challenges I will help you with, here are some typical important issues that always need to be considered.

Need Help Selling Your House To Finance The Bed And Breakfast?

B&B buyers often need to sell their home to raise the funds to buy the B&B. If the idea is to live in the B&B then this usually makes sense. We know how to synchronise the sale of your house and the purchase of the B&B so it all goes smoothly and quickly.

Advice On Bed And Breakfast Planning Permission & Licences

Unless you’re buying a fully functional B&B, the chances are that you will need to apply for and secure various permissions and licences before your complete the purchase. A common list of permissions may be: planning permission for works, planning consent for change of use, a licence for a House in Multiple Occupation, a licence for the sale of alcohol, an entertainment licence (eg if renting DVDs) etc. We’ll make sure that these are secured as a condition of purchasing the building. Otherwise you may find you’ve parted with your hard earned for a building you can’t use as a B&B.

Advice On Staff Accommodation In A Bed And Breakfast

Due to the nature of the job, it’s common to offer some staff accommodation as part of the terms of their employment. If so, you’ll need an occupancy agreement that carefully details important matters such as what parts of the Property they can use and stay in, rental payments, termination of the agreement etc.

Legal Advice On Websites, Computers, IT etc

IT plays an increasingly important role in marketing, securing reservations and generally running the B&B. If you’re buying an existing B&B we’ll make sure that all the relevant IT equipment, website content, hosting addresses, software etc is correctly transferred to you. So, from day one ,you’ll be able to use and develop the IT with no hiccups.

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