Claims For Accidents In Shop Car Parks

Claim For Accidents In Shop Car Parks

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Our team is expert at claiming for accidents at shops and supermarkets. Our service is focused on your recovery and obtaining your compensation quickly.

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Typical Accidents In Shops Car Parks We Have Claimed For:

· Slips and Falls on Ice in Winter 

· Falls on Uneven Surfaces e.g. Raised / Broken Concrete and Tarmac, Pot Holes 

· Trips and Slips on Litter and Discarded Packaging Materials 

· Trips and falls in car parks (pot holes, raised concrete, broken drain covers) 

· Collisions with Trolley Rows and Stock Crates on Wheels 

· Defective Security Barriers 

Car park accidents at retailers are surprisingly common in the UK, and do not solely relate to shoppers being hit by cars entering or leaving. Shops owe the same duty of care to their customers in the car park as inside the store. Essentially retail customers should expect to be able to walk safely from their car to the store and back again. Under the Occupiers Liability Act 1957 shops must take all reasonable steps to protect visitors to its premises from the risk of injury. Otherwise they may be liable to pay compensation to an injured visitor under public liability law.

Most car park accidents stem from poor maintenance of surfaces, which causes visitors to slip, trip and fall. Injuries resulting from slip and trip accidents can be severe, especially for older people who are naturally frail, and for whom an injury such as a fractured hip will require many months of recuperation.

Nicola Perry has been a personal injury solicitor for 13 years. Nicola currently works on a number of shop accident cases.

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Maintenance Flaws In Shop Car Parks

Shops and retailers must ensure that they have efficient systems of cleaning and inspection of all outdoor areas, including their car park, to make sure that, as inside the store, potential hazards to visitors are identified and eliminated as quickly as possible. Litter and broken glass may cause an injury, and it is the responsibility of the retailer’s cleaning staff and management to make sure they are cleaned up within a reasonable time-frame. To deal with freezing conditions in winter, and prevent visitors slipping on ice, adequate supplies of salt, sand or grit must be available. The supermarket must therefore take effective measures against all hazards that are reasonably likely to cause injury to customers, as well as employees.

Motor Vehicle Accidents In Car Parks

Car park accidents involving two vehicles colliding, and vehicles colliding with pedestrian shoppers, generate thousands of motor insurance claims every year, though these are directed against the driver responsible, rather than the supermarket where the accident took place. Drivers may fail to look in their mirrors when reversing, may be driving too fast, or may misjudge spaces, gaps and access routes.

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