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Shop Accident Solicitors In Liverpool City Centre

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Visit us in Liverpool. No appointment needed to speak to an accident solicitor for free no obligation advice. Offices opposite Liverpool One Debenhams store, 2 minutes walk from James Street train station, at Marldon Chambers, 30 North John Street. Open 9am-5pm, Monday to Friday. Telephone advice until 8pm.

Bartletts Solicitors has a team of personal injury solicitors based at our Liverpool City Centre office specialising in accidents at shops and retail stores. We have been acting on behalf of clients in Liverpool and Merseyside for 47 years. Our local knowledge and experience of personal injury claims in Liverpool and Merseyside guarantees our clients dependable legal advice and the most effective legal representation.

As a client of Bartletts you will benefit from the expertise of our experienced personal injury solicitors, and a tradition of client service that dates back to 1860, the year that Bartletts was founded by William Bartlett, a solicitor who set up in business at Marldon Chambers on North John Street, where the firm’s head office remains to this day.

What Are The Typical Causes Of Accidents In Shops?

Accidents in shops most commonly involve slips on wet floors, trips over obstacles and obstructions in aisles, products falling from shelves, and accidents outdoors caused by, for example, black ice, broken glass or potholes in shop car parks. Slipping accidents are often the result of spillages or recently cleaned floors which have not been dried properly. Trips and falls may be the result of poor maintenance, such as a pothole in a car park, or discarded cardboard packaging materials in shopping aisles. Automatic doors, escalators and travelators may also cause accidents due to malfunctions or poor maintenance.

Steps To Take Following An Accident In A Shop

If you have been involved in an accident at a shop, the first step to take is to report the incident to the store’s manager or a member of staff. Secondly, (if possible) photos should be taken of the specific cause of the accident and the resulting injuries. Thirdly, the details of any witnesses to the accident should be taken, as your solicitor may need to contact them to provide a statement at a later date. Finally, the injured party should seek medical attention from a GP or hospital at the earliest opportunity, both for their own well-being and to ensure that their injuries are properly documented.

The Importance Of Seeking Legal Advice

It is important to seek legal advice at the earliest opportunity. Retailers hold mandatory public liability insurance policies to cover them in the event of customers getting injured on their premises. Your solicitor will send a letter of claim to their insurers laying out the grounds for why you are due compensation, and will negotiate a settlement with them directly. CCTV footage will often help in establishing the precise circumstances of an incident, as will photographs and witness statements. Shops are also legally obliged to record details of accidents in an official accident book, and this can help establish whether similar incidents have occurred in the recent past.

Solicitors For Shop Accidents In Liverpool City Centre

Bartletts has a tradition of commitment, hard work, and the highest levels of expertise in personal injury law. Client care is our highest priority. Our solicitors ensure that you are always kept up to date with every aspect of your case, and we aim obtain the maximum amount of damages for our clients with the minimum of fuss. Contact us today for a free no obligation consultation with a fully trained and experienced solicitor in our Liverpool City Centre office who is an expert in personal injury claims against shops.

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Joe Smith has been a personal injury solicitor for 11 years. Joe has won many personal injury claims on behalf of customers injured in accidents at shops.

Nicola Perry has been a personal injury solicitor for 13 years. Nicola is an experienced specialist in various types of personal injury compensation claims.

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