Claiming Compensation For A Road Traffic Accident

Road Traffic Accident Claims

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Our team is expert at claiming compensation for road traffic accidents. Our service is focused on your recovery and obtaining your compensation quickly. Unsure if you have a claim or about making a claim? Then contact us.

If you decide to instruct us we offer an easy to use service: no need to visit our offices and free medical appointments local to you. After having won 1000's of road traffic accident claims over the years we offer a free consultation and no win no fee agreements for these claims nationwide.

Road Traffic Accident Statistics

The latest figures released by the Department for Transport (February 2015), for the year ending September 2014, show increases in all categories of reported roads traffic accidents compared to the same period a year before. The records show 1,730 road deaths, and 24,360 killed or seriously injured casualties. A total of 192,910 casualties of all severities were reported, a 5% increase on the previous year. It should be borne in mind that these figures reflect only accidents reported to police, and that the actual figure for non-fatal injuries sustained in road traffic accidents every year must be considerably higher.

Personal Injury Claims For Road Traffic Accidents

If you have been injured in a road traffic accident that was caused by the negligence of another road user it will be possible to make a personal injury claim and obtain compensation. All drivers must be insured by law, and compensation will be paid out from the negligent road user’s motor insurance policy. If they are not insured for whatever reason, or if they leave the scene of an accident and can subsequently not be identified, compensation will still be available from the Motor Insurers’ Bureau (MIB), an official body that handles claims against uninsured and untraceable drivers.

Joe Smith has been a personal injury solicitor for 11 years. Joe has won many personal injury claims on behalf of drivers and passengers injured in road traffic accidents.

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Do I Need A Solicitor For A Road Traffic Accident Claim?

One reason for using a firm of solicitors to make a road traffic accident claim is that motor insurance companies will often attempt to settle for the lowest possible amount of compensation, and an experienced solicitor will help ensure that their client receives exactly the sum that they are entitled to. Compensation will reflect the severity of the accident victim’s injuries, damage done to their vehicle and other property, the cost of medical treatment including ongoing rehabilitation, loss of earnings due to time off work, and travel expenses.

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Road Traffic Accidents Caused By Weather & Road Conditions

The circumstances of every road traffic accident are unique, involving different types of vehicles, road conditions and driver behaviour. Heavy rain, ice and snow can result in hazardous road conditions and may be a primary or contributory cause of an accident. Poor maintenance may make roads dangerous to drive on, such as when surfaces are uneven or the necessary road signs are not present, and in these cases it will often be possible to make a road traffic accident claim against the Highways Agency based on the unsafe state of the road.

Road Traffic Accidents Caused By Dangerous Driving

When accidents occur due to negligent driving, the most common reason is that the driver is not paying proper attention to the road because they are distracted, for example, by a passenger, a phone call, because they are eating or drinking, changing music, or because they are under the influence of drink or drugs. They may also be driving too fast, may fail to observe road signs, or experience some form of mechanical failure, such as a steering malfunction or a fault with their vehicle’s brakes or tyres. There are a wide variety of reasons why drivers make errors, but the simply fact that they do so makes them liable for the accidents and injuries they cause.

Solicitors Claiming Compensation For Road Traffic Accidents

Over the last 40 years Bartletts Solicitors has successfully claimed compensation for 1,000's of road users injured due to reckless and negligent driving. Bartletts have a tradition of commitment, hard work, and the highest levels of expertise in advising people injured due to reckless driving on their legal rights. Client care is our highest priority. Our specialist solicitors ensure that you are always kept up to date with every aspect of your case, and we aim obtain the maximum amount of damages for our clients with the minimum of fuss.

Our firm has been using the law to protect and support our clients since 1860 and is fully regulated, serving clients all over England and Wales. Bartletts Solicitors offers free legal advice, no win no fee agreements and the expertise of over 50 professional legal staff. Our firm is authorised and regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority.

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