Compensation For Pedestrians Hit By Cars, Bikes, Vans Or Buses

Pedestrian Injury Claims

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Our team is expert at claiming compensation for pedestrians hit by vehicles. Our service is focused on your recovery and obtaining your compensation quickly. Unsure if you have a claim or about making a claim? Then contact us.

If you decide to instruct us we offer an easy to use service: no need to visit our offices and free medical appointments local to you. After having won 100's of pedestrian injury claims over the years we offer a free consultation and no win no fee agreements for these claims nationwide.

Pedestrian Injury Claims - Collisions With Vehicles

Department for Transport figures record over 25,000 accidents involving pedestrians every year in the UK, with around one in five of these resulting in serious injuries. For obvious reasons, pedestrians are always likely to come off worse if they are hit by a car, bus, van, lorry or motorcycle, and even if the vehicle involved is travelling below 30mph the injuries caused by a collision can be disastrous and potentially fatal. Children and the elderly make up a large proportion of the victims of collisions between pedestrians and vehicles, and unfortunately usually sustain more severe injuries than normal adults due to their relative physical frailty. Children in particular are also likely to be seriously psychologically affected by accidents of this kind.

What Causes Collisions Between Vehicles And Pedestrians?

Motorists are expected to exercise a reasonable standard of care and attention while driving, and will be held legally liable under the law of negligence if they fail to drive safely and by doing so cause an accident. Motorists are commonly found to be at fault for accidents when they are driving too fast and breaking the speed limit, or when they fail to observe road signs and signals, such as running through a red light or flashing zebra crossing. Drivers may also not pay proper attention to the road if they are under the influence of alcohol or drugs, or if they are simply distracted, for example, if they are talking on a mobile phone, eating, listening to music, or chatting to a passenger. There is also the possibility that their vehicle suffers from a maintenance flaw such as faulty brakes, or that the road itself is in a poor condition (the appropriate local authority can be held responsible for an accident in this instance).

Joe Smith has been a personal injury solicitor for 11 years. Joe has won many personal injury claims on behalf of injured pedestrians.

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'Joe Smith worked on my case after i was hurt while traveling on a bus. Provided a very professional service, would recommend to anyone.' 22 March 2015. Read Full Review On Independent Site

What Happens If A Pedestrian Is Partially Responsible For An Accident?

It is important to note that pedestrians are often to some extent at fault when a vehicle collides with them, but this will not prevent a compensation claim against the motorist under the legal principle of split liability. A pedestrian may step out into the road without properly checking whether vehicles are in close proximity, or may attempt to cross a road just as traffic lights have changed from red to green. Under UK law pedestrians, like motorists, are expected to pay due care and attention to road conditions, and can be held partially or even wholly responsible for an accident if they fail to do so. Both motorists and pedestrians therefore owe obligations to one another regarding their safety, and in cases where liability for an accident is split it will be up to the injured pedestrian’s solicitor to minimise the extent of their client’s liability.

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Solicitors With Experience And Expertise In Pedestrian Injury Claims

Bartletts Solicitors has successfully claimed compensation for numerous pedestrians injured due to reckless and negligent driving. In the event that a driver is uninsured or cannot be traced following an accident, compensation can still be obtained from the Motor Insurers’ Bureau (MIB), a body funded by motor insurance companies to deal with such scenarios. Our experience in pedestrian injury claims means that you will receive a legal service that you can rely on, and a solicitor who will be able to negotiate to best possible compensation settlement on your behalf.

Our firm has been using the law to protect and support our clients since 1860 and is fully regulated, serving clients all over England and Wales. Bartletts Solicitors offers free legal advice, no win no fee agreements and the expertise of over 50 professional legal staff. Our firm is authorised and regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority.

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