No Win No Fee Service For Property Law Disputes

Nationwide No Win No Fee Property Claims

We serve clients nationwide. We have many years experience in dealing with disputes. Get in touch with our team today.

Our property litigation team helps people who have suffered loss due to the negligence of a property solicitor. Due to the complexity of professional negligence cases, we charge an upfront investigation fee of £250 + VAT, which is recoverable from the defendant if a claim proves successful. If you have grounds for making a claim, we can represent you on a no win no fee basis, meaning you will not have to pay a penny whether you win or lose your claim.

The Bartletts Solicitors' team specialises in:

  • Dispute Resolution

  • Counter Claims To Eviction Proceedings

  • Deeds Of Surrender

  • Disputes Over Rights Of Ownership

  • Fixed Fee Services
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    Protecting and supporting clients for over 150 years, Bartletts Solicitors offers unrivalled knowledge and experience of landlord and tenant law. Our law firm has over 50 staff, and a reputation nationwide for trusted legal advice.

    Our firm has many years experience at handling property disputes. You can contact us Monday to Friday (9AM - 5PM).

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