Law Firm For Tenancy Agreements And Deposit Schemes

We will draft your agreement. Our service is flexible and covers most situations. Our staff have many years experience in helping landlords with their tenancy agreements.

We are typically asked to:

1. Draw up a tenancy agreement for a specific property
We will tailor the tenancy agreement to your specific requirements and your property.

2. Advice on tenancy deposits
The rules on taking and protecting residential tenancy deposits are complicated and there are harsh penalties for landlords who do not observe them. We will provide you with clear instructions on what you need to do and ensure that the correct documentation is created.

3. Create precedent tenancy agreements for a portfolio of properties
We are often asked by letting agents to review their standard tenancy agreements or create new ones from scratch. We work carefully with the agent to create a suite of documents tailored to the properties that they let and to their business practices. We ensure that the documents maintain the look and feel of their house style.

4. Draw up specialised tenancy or licence agreements
Often the common 'assured shorthold' tenancy agreement is not appropriate for the required arrangement. Whatever the agreement is we can create the document for you. For example:

Bed and breakfasts
Holiday lets
Letting a room in a house you live in
Employment lets

Do I Need Help Drafting A Tenancy Agreement?

Yes. There is simply no such thing as a one size fits all tenancy agreement. Each property and letting arrangement is different and the law is complicated. Mistakes with your documentation could cost you dearly. Don't take the risk.

Particular care should be taken if you are taking a rental deposit. The law concerning residential deposits is a minefield. Amongst other things mistakes may mean that your tenant is entitled to a penalty of a sum 3X the deposit as well as the return of the deposit. Claims for these penalties are becoming increasingly popular with tenants.

How We Can Help You

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Our firm has many years experience at handling property disputes between landlords and tenants. You can contact us Monday to Friday (9AM - 5PM).

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