Compensation For Bus Passenger Thrown To Floor

Compensation For Passenger Thrown To Floor Of Bus

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Our team is expert at suing bus companies for personal injury. Our service is focused on your recovery and obtaining your compensation quickly. Unsure if you have a claim or about making a claim? Then contact us.

If you decide to instruct us we offer an easy to use service: no need to visit our offices and free medical appointments local to you. After having won 100's of bus injury claims over the years we offer a free consultation and no win no fee agreements for these claims nationwide.

Case Study - Passenger Thrown To Floor In Bus Crash

Ms Briggs caught the bus to her local town centre one morning, and was forced to stand on the lower deck as all the seats were taken. The bus driver was running late on the route, and according to Ms Briggs (later also attested two by several other passengers) was driving erratically. The bus was approaching a set of traffic lights, when the driver failed to brake early enough, and drove into the back of a stationery van. The impact was relatively minor, but the force was enough to throw Ms Briggs forward from where she was standing, causing her to strike the back of a seat and fall to the floor. Ms Briggs suffered a broken rib, severe bruising and torn ligaments in her wrist. She was admitted to hospital and had to take 3 weeks off work following the accident, during which time she was in considerable pain and discomfort.

Our Legal Advice

Ms Briggs contacted Bartletts Solicitors via our website, having read about a similar case we had handled for an injured bus passenger. We wrote the bus operator, arguing that dangerous driving on the part of the bus driver was the principle cause of the accident and Ms Briggs’ injuries. The fact that the bus had collided with the back of a stationery van showed that the accident must have been the bus driver’s fault. Two other passengers whose details had been taken by Ms Briggs’ husband also confirmed that the bus was being driven too fast at the time, and that the driver had appeared agitated. There was very little that the bus operator was able to argue against these facts, and on admission of liability, Ms Briggs won £4,500 in compensation for her injuries.

Solicitors Representing Passengers Injured On Buses

Bartletts Solicitors has successfully claimed compensation for passengers injured on buses from all the major bus companies and operators. Our firm has been using the law to protect and support our clients since 1860 and is fully regulated, serving clients all over England and Wales. Bartletts offers free legal advice, no win no fee agreements and the expertise of over 50 professional legal staff. Our firm is Authorised and Regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority.

Joe Smith has been a personal injury solicitor for 11 years. Joe has won many personal injury on bus claims.

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