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Passenger Injured When Bus Swerved To Avoid Collision

Bartletts Solicitors recently represented a client who was injured while traveling on a bus when the driver swerved to avoid a collision with a cyclist in front that he had failed to notice until the last minute. Ms M was standing near the front of the vehicle when it unexpectedly swerved to the right with sufficient force for her to lose her balance and fall sideways, hitting her lower body against the side of a seat. As the driver then swerved back on course to avoid the oncoming traffic she was flung in the opposite direction across the aisle, landing heavily against a seated passenger.

Ms M sustained bruising and soft tissue damage following the incident, which was later diagnosed by her GP as whiplash. Her mobility was restricted for several months afterwards causing significant difficulties in her day-to-day life, as she was an elderly lady who lived alone.

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On the advice of her family Ms M decided to seek legal advice, and later engaged Bartletts Solicitors to represent her in a compensation claim against the bus company in question. In correspondence with its insurers, we argued that Ms M’s injuries were the result of the bus driver’s error in failing to spot the cyclist until it was too late to brake, meaning that he had to swerve wildly to avoid a collision. The force of manoeuvre had caused Ms M to fall and injure herself, and this was caused by a lack of reasonable care and skill on the part of the bus driver, for which his employer was ultimately responsible. We were able to obtain a witness statement from the passenger who Ms M had fallen against, and this corroborated her version of events. The bus company subsequently acknowledged liability for Ms M’s injuries, and we were able to negotiate a compensation settlement totaling £3,250.

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