Compensation For A Treadmill Accident

Suing A Gym For A Treadmill Accident

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Our team is expert at claiming compensation for accidents at the gym. Our service is focused on your recovery and obtaining your compensation quickly. Unsure if you have a claim or about making a claim? Then contact us.

If you decide to instruct us we offer an easy to use service: no need to visit our offices and free medical appointments local to you. After having won many claims for gym accidents we offer a free consultation and no win no fee agreements for these unusual claims nationwide.

Case Study: Client Was Injured At A Gym After Standing On A Treadmill That Was Not Turned Off

A recent client of ours was injured after a stepped onto a moving treadmill at a busy gym he was visiting and was thrown off it. Mr B was staying overnight in London while travelling, and had purchased a day pass for the gym in question. When he visited in the early evening, the gym was busy, and the overhead light above the treadmill was not working, meaning that it was difficult for Mr B to either hear or see that the machine’s conveyor belt was moving at the time he stepped onto it. Mr B was thrown off the treadmill and landed on the hard floor, fracturing his elbow and tearing muscles in his shoulder. Staff at the gym provided basic first aid and called an ambulance to take Mr B to hospital, where he was kept in overnight while doctors treated and monitored his injuries. It took 3 months for Mr B to recover full mobility in his upper arm, and after receiving no reply to his written complaint to the gym’s parent company, he decided to seek legal advice.

Can I Sue My Gym If I Fell Off A Treadmill?

Bartletts Solicitors advised Mr B that he had strong grounds for making a claim against the gym for stepping onto the moving treadmill, and agreed to represent him on a no win no fee basis. In our correspondence with the owners of the gym and their insurers, we highlighted the fact that the area of the gym where the treadmill was located was poorly lit at the time of the accident, due to the overhead light not working. This meant that it was difficult for our client to see that the treadmill’s conveyor belt was moving. Furthermore, no member of staff at the gym had noticed that the treadmill was not turned off, and this represented a lack of supervision of the premises, and a lack of proper care and attention for the safety of its visitors. CCTV footage of the accident backed up these arguments, and after a few months we were able to secure an admission of liability from the gym’s parent company and insurers, with Mr B receiving £4,250 in compensation.

Nicola Perry has been a personal injury solicitor for 13 years. Nicola has won several cases involving accidents at gyms.

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No Win No Fee Solicitors For Treadmill Accidents

If you have been injured at a gym due to dangerous equipment or the negligence of staff you will often be able to make a personal injury claim against the gym’s owners. To find out how much compensation for a falling off a treadmill at a gym you may receive, contact us today for free and confidential legal advice.

What Are My Rights If I Was Injured By A Defective Treadmill That I Purchased?

If you have been injured at home using a defective treadmill we can investigate if you have a claim against the manufacturer. Such claims are known as product liability claims, and can be brought against the manufacturer, or the against the retailer or importer if a treadmill was manufactured outside the EU. Sometimes a treadmill can accelerate unexpectedly if, for example, a button gets jammed or their is a mechanical or electrical fault, and such accidents have the potential to cause serious injuries. Other times clients ask us; who is liable if I was injured by a treadmill that suddenly stopped? Contact our solicitors if a treadmill you have purchased has malfunctioned, resulting in an accident.

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