Free Initial Advice On Lasting Power Of Attorney

Call Louise Nelson at Bartletts Solicitors to talk about lasting power of attorney. Louise is a solicitor who has been drawing up these documents for over 25 years. She is used to guiding people through these matters.

How Lasting Power Of Attorney Can Save You Money

Most people are anxious that their property and financial affairs are dealt with correctly in the event that they were to become unable for whatever reason to deal with their own affairs. This applies to people of all ages, not only the elderly.

If a Lasting Power of Attorney is not drawn up and someone becomes mentally incapacitated it is likely that the Court of Protection would have to take control of the person's assets and this can be expensive and time consuming.

Bartletts Solicitors Limited have prepared and registered many Lasting Powers of Attorney and have seen the significant benefits of clients having these in place. In one case, Mr X signed a Lasting Power of Attorney and medical evidence was obtained to confirm that he had the necessary mental capacity to understand and to sign this.

The Lasting Power of Attorney was then registered. Unfortunately shortly afterwards, Mr X became confused and unable to manage his affairs but because the Lasting Power of Attorney had been signed, this resulted in significant savings and trouble in that no application had to be made to the Court of Protection for a Deputy to be appointed.

Louise Nelson is a solicitor with over 25 years experience in Power of Attorney matters. She will be happy to offer you a free telephone or face to face consultation.