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Commercial Lease Solicitor Liverpool

Christopher Bartlett is a commercial property solicitor in Liverpool who will offer you a warm welcome and a free consultation. He advises both landlords and tenants of commercial properties in relation to all aspects of leases. Christopher can help with shops, offices, units, factories, hotels and pubs.

Read his article: tips on buying a hair salon. See his recent client reviews and completed projects at his profile page.

Latest Customer Review (15 June 2017): 'James Edwards was excellent. He made the whole process simple and stress free.'  Read more >

Services For Commercial Tenants In Liverpool

1. Taking on a new lease
2. Transferring (or 'assigning') your existing lease
3. Renewing your lease
4. Buying a business

Give Chris a call on 0800 988 3641 for a free no obligation initial consultation. Chris will explain your next steps and break down how much it will cost you. We will usually be able to give you a fixed fee quote for our work.

Services For Commercial Property Landlords In Liverpool

1. Granting a commercial lease
2. Renewing an existing lease
3. Granting a licence to assign, sublet or carry out works
4. Rent reviews

Please call for a free initial consultation.

Solicitor Negotiating Heads Of Terms

For the inexperienced commercial leases are daunting and complicated documents (a 60 – 100 page is not at all unusual). They are also full of traps for the unwary. A solicitor negotiating heads of terms is crucial. For example tenants often find themselves having to pay huge amounts in service charges for structural repairs because they were not advised on their lease. Equally a landlord may not be able to maximise his rental increase on a review because of a poorly drafted lease.

Case Study: Legal Advice On Liverpool Commercial Lease

A dental practitioner wanted advice regarding a commercial lease of premises in Liverpool. He had big plans as to how he wanted to fit the premises out. We advised him not to leave matters to chance and make sure he obtained both planning consent and landlord’s consent for the works before the lease was granted. It turned out that the landlord was not happy with the proposals and planning permission was refused. A few weeks later he found alternative better premises that he could get permission for. By making sure our client stuck his ground and obtained the permissions before signing, he ended up saving himself from getting into a really expensive mess.

Case Study: Legal Help With Commercial Lease Rent Clause

A client wanted to set up a physiotherapy business. He was interested in a lease of a commercial property in Liverpool. He was shocked to learn that the rent was not fixed for the lease term of 5 years, but increased by a minimum of 5% per year. As he was already trying to cut his costs to the bone this was an additional cost he could not afford. In the end, the landlord agreed to remove the automatic yearly uplift in rent.

Solicitors Expert At Commercial Leases In Liverpool

Because we specialise in commercial lease work in Liverpool we are all too familiar with the hidden dangers in leases and the areas that normally need special attention for landlords and tenants alike. Our advice is jargon free and above all practical. Give us a call to discuss your commercial lease.

Commercial Property Solicitor Liverpool

Christopher Bartlett is a commercial property solicitor based in Liverpool city centre. He will be happy to offer you a free no obligation telephone consultation on any lease matter.

James Edwards is a commercial property solicitor advising landlords and tenants on commercial leases. He also has experience in buying and selling commercial property.

Christopher Bartlett Solicitor ( Christopher Bartlett)
5 stars - "Good Service" Chris was very attentive and efficient with a reasonable fee.