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With online retailers continuing to cannibalise the sales of traditional bricks and mortar retailers, the ‘decline of the British high street’ has become a common theme in the popular press.

Certain retailers and small businesses, however, have business models that are hard or impossible to replicate online. For these companies, renting a decent high street premises is becoming an increasingly practical and attractive option.

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While the multinational retail giants may dominate the popular shopping districts in major towns and cities, the cost of taking on a commercial lease on many high streets is falling dramatically as vacancy rates climb. This means that prospective small business tenants looking to rent high street premises are in a stronger position than ever before when it comes to negotiating favourable terms with landlords.

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Effective negotiation with commercially-savvy landlords, however, can best be achieved with the assistance of an experienced solicitor. Commercial leases are often lengthy documents, full of antiquated jargon that can in reality contain various dangers for the tenant if not properly understood. A solicitor with expertise in deciphering and analysing such documents can be critical in helping the prospective tenant avoid these potential booby traps.
If you are considering taking on a new commercial lease for your business, Christopher Bartlett is the head of commercial property law at Bartletts Solicitors, and specialises in advising small businesses on commercial lease matters and negotiating heads of terms with landlords. Contact Chris today for a free no obligation initial consultation, and to find out about our transparent fixed fee legal services.

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